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This is what the 2DS' huge single LCD screen looks like

Nintendo's new handheld torn apart.

We've known for some time that Nintendo's dual-screened 2DS handheld actually only has one single screen.

Eurogamer sister site USgamer revealed back in August that Nintendo would save money on the console's parts by manufacturing the 2DS with one large LCD screen split into two displays by the device's plastic casing.

Images of the handheld's innards have now surfaced online showing exactly what the screen looks like.

Console mod company Rose Coloured Gaming posted photos of their 2DS teardown to the company's Facebook page, which shows the handheld in its boxed and later taken-apart state.

The final image clearly shows the single huge 2DS LCD screen which looks to be about the same size as the entire device.

Nintendo launched the 2DS last weekend in tandem with Pokémon X and Y. It comes with a budget-sized price of about £109.

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