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This fantastic Samsung micro SD card is the cheapest it's been on Amazon

Grab one of the fastest micro SD cards for under £30.

samsung evo select 512gb micro sd card
Image credit: Samsung

If you've been thinking of expanding the storage of your Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch with a micro SD card, Samsung cards are always worth considering because they have excellent performance at affordable price points.

That is certainly the case now with the 512GB Samsung Evo Select micro SD card, which has hit a ridiculously low price on Amazon UK, letting you get half a terabyte of fast storage for under £30.

You can pick up this fast 512GB micro SD card for just £28 on Amazon UK, the lowest price it's been on the site:

Samsung Evo Select 512GB micro SD card - £28 at Amazon UK (was £40.49)

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If you're in the US you can still pick up this excellent micro SD card on Amazon US, but for its regular price of $40.

The 512GB Evo Select card has sequential read speeds of up to 130MB/s but it also meets the A2 standard for random performance as well. Those figures mean it's a good choice for Switch and Steam Deck but it can be even more important for photo and video devices like drones and GoPros and traditional cameras, where high read and write speeds speed up the process of capturing and storing the image taken, and help speed up how it is transferred to and from the card.

You can use this card with those traditional DSLR and Mirrorless cameras thanks to the included adapter which will let you use this like a normal full-sized SD card with no loss in performance.

If you do plan on using this in a console you'll be getting excellent value as the Samsung Evo Select repeatedly appears in Digital Foundry's guides on the best SD cards for the Nintendo Switch and the best SD cards for the Steam Deck

There are some exciting new games that are Steam Deck compatible like Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart and Baldur's Gate 3 which need a lot of space to install, so now's a great time to bump up that storage for cheap.

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