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There's a new WarioWare game coming to Switch in September

No butts.

WarioWare is back, with WarioWare: Get it Together hitting Switch on the 10th of September.

The announcement was part of Nintendo's E3 Direct. The gimmick? Get It Together sees players controlling the WarioWare characters inside the mini-games. So we see Wario squeezing toothpaste out of a giant tube and peeling off a facemask and dodging bird poo, for example. Elsewhere, other WarioWare characters have new talents - 9Volt uses a yo-yo to turn the blades of a windmill in one game - and different characters will be able to use their own specific abilities to complete each challenge.

This idea comes into its own in a new two-player mode which sees players competing or collaborating on a single screen. The micro-games shown throughout the reveal were very classical Wario type experiences, with a lovely swipe-file mix of styles and production values. I can't wait.

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