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There's a Beauty and the Beast-themed card in the new Hearthstone expansion

Tale as old as time.

There's a Beauty and the Beast-themed card in Hearthstone's upcoming One Night in Karazhan expansion.

Want to see it? Be our guest:

Kara Kazham! is a 5-cost warlock spell which summons a 1/1 Candle, a 2/2 Broom and a 3/3 Teapot onto the board.

It's easy to imagine the card finding a home in any deck that involves flooding the board with minions, which, let's face it, seems to be every Warlock deck.

And it's also easy to have a Gaston which Disney characters the card is based upon: candlestick Lumière, teapot Mrs Potts and the magical brooms in the film (but also maybe Fantasia).

Here there are in the 1991 Disney classic:

Kara Kazham! was revealed last night in a fresh Blizzard blog post, which detailed how the expansion's star Medivh had enchanted the party's crockery.

"The tableware is singing. And dancing. Musical tableware isn't on the approved decorations list, but the song is catchy, don't you think?"

One Night in Karazhan arrives later this month and will roll out over the course of four weeks - we detailed the pricing and date information is in our story last week, or for more on Hearthstone there's always our sister site Metabomb.