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Hearthstone's next expansion invites you for One Night in Karazhan

Medivh, set, go.

Hearthstone players will get to spend One Night in Karazhan next month, in the latest expansion for Blizzard's collectible card battler.

45 fresh cards will be released over four weeks as you explore areas of a pre-World of Warcraft Karazhan dungeon. Although, instead of your usual dungeon, the tower is hosting a 70's disco-inspired party.

Watch on YouTube
Watch on YouTube

A free Prologue mission where you play as Medivh will allow all players to nab two free card. Following that, the four wings will roll out for £4.99/700 Gold each. Or you can just pick up the lot for £13.99 on PC/Android or £14.99 on iPhone/iPad.

Pick up the full adventure during the first week of its release and you'll get a Karazhan-themed card back.

The set's storyline will revolve around Medivh's subsequent disappearance and your quest to find him. Its cards, meanwhile, return to the theme of summoning monsters, but evolve it further with new portal spells that do damage and summon minions too.

Here's a few of the cards revealed so far:

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