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The Witcher 3 - The Oxenfurt Drunk

How to complete The Oxfenurt Drunk Witcher Contract, from tracking down the location of Gael to finishing the fight with the creature quickly.

Go to the town of Oxenfurt, and take the Contract from the noticeboard that's right by Oxenfurt Port. The notice has been placed there by the Commander of the Oxenfurt City Regiment, who demands that someone find and kill a monster that's roaming around the city itself.

Next, speak with Nikolas Friedman on the docks, who'll explain that a creature has been attacking random people, then leaving their corpse in the gutters. This, presumably, is causing all manner of sanitation issues for the local council. Try and get more money for your services if you wish, then ask to meet the coroner who's poked and prodded around in the remains of these poor people. You also need to check up on a lucky survivor of the ordeal.

Make your way south from the officer until you come to the mortuary where the medic is waiting for you. Go inside and talk to him to learn that he hasn't actually performed the autopsies, due to the social status of the victims. Remonstrate a little and you'll get the key so you can go and investigate what's been going on yourself.

Inside the morgue are two corpses. Use your Witcher Senses to check all over both bodies and learn some valuable clues about the type of attacks that were involved. With this knowledge, you should next make your way to where the crimes actually took place.

Make your way to The Alchemy Tavern in the middle of town, then head inside. Look for a woman at the bar who's crying, but seems more thirsty for a drink than traumatised. Choose to either buy her a drink, or simply use your Axii Delusion skill to convince her to talk without drinking.

You'll learn that someone or something called out for her by name, then grabbed at her skirt, forcing her to pull back. While this isn't exactly the most amazing intelligence in the world, you will soon learn where the actual crime occurred.

Go outside the inn and look to where some drunks are hanging around. Go to the nearby stone arch and turn on your Witcher Senses to find a bracelet. Return to the inn and keep looking around, then speak to the woman again and get drinking.

When night falls, leave the inn and have a look around the area marked on your minimap. Keep heading to the objective markers as they're placed, singing along, until finally you're assaulted by this nasty vampire called Gael.

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How to kill Gael

Run after the monster in the direction of the next marker, then climb the ladder in the alley to get up on the balcony. Now jump down into the building so you can finish this miserable creature. You'll find Moon Dust and Devil's Puffball Bombs handy here, as well as Vampire Oil.

When the monster's dead, take all the stuff from its corpse and get your trophy. Head back to Nikolas Friedman and accept your reward.

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