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The Witcher 3 - The Creature from the Oxenfurt Forest

How to complete The Creature from the Oxenfurt Forest Contract, from tracking down the Archgriffin Opinicus to finishing the fight fast.

To pick up this next Contract, make your way to the Oxenfurt noticeboard and take the note. Make your way to the Mercenary Camp, and then speak with Hans of Cidaris. Having camped at this spot, they were subsequently attacked by a strange beast that took out two members of the gang. Try and get a better reward for the job if you want, then make your way south towards where the men were last seen alive.

Make your way through the woods, then turn on your Witcher Senses when you reach the target region. You'll find some human remains and a severed arm which indicates an attack from the skies. Now head east until you come to some blood, then follow the blood trail up into the forest. Expect to fight wolves as you travel towards the end of the trail.

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How to kill Opinicus the Archgriffin

Use your Witcher Senses to hear the ravens, then make your way up the hill while scanning the skies. You should be able to see the birds circling around fairly nearby. Keep heading up until you come to what's left of a nest - not to mention some bits and bobs of an unfortunate soul.

If it's not already night, you'll need to meditate a while until you trigger the arrival of the Archgriffin. Fight the creature as you would any other aerial beast, and make use of Grapeshot Bombs, Hybrid Oil on your blades and your Aard Sign too. All three of these combat bonuses will make the fight a good deal easier.

Once you've beaten the beast, loot the corpse to get some ingredients and a trophy, then get back on Roach and head back to the Mercenary Camp. When you get there, you'll be able to show Hans your proof and get your well-earned reward.

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