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The Witcher 3: Missing Brother

Everything you need to know about completing this Contract, from picking up the quest to striking down the dreaded Arachasae Harrisi.

First things first, make your way to the Notice Board at the Inn at the Crossroads and grab the note that begins this quest. The note you pick up will describe a chap called Mikel. Bruno, his brother, is eager to track down his sibling, and is looking for someone to take up the challenge.

The Witcher 3: Missing Brother walkthrough

Go inside the Inn at the Crossroads and look for Bruno who's over in the corner. He'll be up for helping you start this quest, but you can always argue over the fee if you want to angle for a little more money before starting the quest.

Once you've agreed to take part, you'll be given some essential information to help you recognise your target, before you're sent off on the journey itself.

Call your horse over and then head off in a north-east direction, but make sure you stick to the path if you want to avoid some unnecessary fighting with the beasts in this area. When you reach the river, look for a wagon that's near a hut by the entrance to the mine.

How to find Harrisi

Activate your Witcher Senses and search around until you've seen the grim remains on the floor, as well as some intriguing monster trails that lead right into the mine itself.

Go inside the mine, then jump down until you're in the tunnel below that's full of water. Look to the east and then cross over to drier land. You should be able to see the tracks again if you activate your Witcher Senses. Keep following them down the tunnel, take the loot from the crates you pass, and stop when you reach a new room.

Once you've taken in the sights, carry on down the tunnel, following the tracks, until the tracks themselves diverge. One of them bears left, while the other leads right to where some water awaits.

Jump into it, then swim through the tunnel and grab any loot you can get along the way. Keep following those tracks with your Witcher Senses until you come across another pile of horrible innards! This is where you'll start your preparations to fight the ultimate target of this Contract.

How to destroy all of the egg sacs and kill the young Arachasae

Before you start the actual boss fight, make sure you look at the massive nearby eggs and take the ingredients from within them. Once you've finished hoovering the loot up, use your Aard or Igni Signs to either incinerate the sacs or just shatter them to pieces.

To your west are two exits: one that leads left and one that goes right. Take the left exit and walk forwards and kill the minor Arachasae. Destroy the next four egg sacs that you come to, then take the left-hand tunnel of the first chamber and kill the remaining sacs.

From here, keep heading north-west, then go down a tunnel until you come to a new cavernous area. You'll see plenty of corpses sprinkled around here. Switch on your Witcher Senses to see the last remaining remnants of Mikel - eurgh.

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How to kill Harrisi nice and quickly

Next, you'll have to fight Harrisi, and you'll be glad you finished off all of those egg sacs to make this fight much, much easier. Coat your blade in Insectoid Oil so that your attacks deliver even more deadly damage, and consider popping a Golden Orloe potion too before you start chipping away at your enemy.

Once the creature is dead, loot the corpse and take the trophy. Make your way out of the mine and go back to the Inn at the Crossroads. Bruno won't be best pleased to hear the news about his brother's death, and he won't pay you the full fee either - that's unless you Axii him into giving you the agreed sum.

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