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The Witcher 2 patch 1.1 problems

Game launcher "does not work properly".

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The downloadable content option in The Witcher 2 game launcher "does not work properly, please don't use it".

That's the advice of game developer CD Projekt, which addressed patch 1.1 criticisms on its blog. Add-ons for Witcher 2 can be downloaded independently by emailing special addresses specified on the website.

"The Downloadable content option in the Game Launcher does not work properly, please don't use it," sated CD Projekt.

"This option (same as Register Game) still doesn't work properly, but for every resulting problem we provide you with a workaround.

"Currently the only problem remaining is with the Language Packs. We will provide you with a solution for this issue as soon as possible. Registration through the Launcher will be fixed in the upcoming days, and our goal is to have it work perfectly in patch 1.2."

That second patch is planned for next week.

Patch 1.1 was released last night to rectify many early bugs identified by the community within the superb role-playing game. The patch also made Witcher 2 a rare DRM-free PC game.

"So what's next?" the developer continued. "First, we have set up our own team to improve the server structure and repair the above mentioned game registration. A team is also working to finalise our new forum. We will launch these services very soon. For sure, you will be informed as soon as they are ready here.

"Then, by the end of next week you can expect some more free stuff available online.

"Stay tuned, especially for our online conference scheduled for the 2nd of June. Exciting new announcements are coming!"

The Eurogamer review turned up 9/10 for The Witcher 2.

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