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The Walking Dead: 400 Days comes out of nowhere this week

Except for on EU PSN and iOS, where it's next week. Vita in August.

Telltale's latest addition to its The Walking Dead saga, 400 Days, is out this week on PC, Mac, XBLA, and North America's PSN.

Next week it will hit iOS worldwide and come to Europe's PSN.

The exact dates - reported by IGN, then confirmed by Kotaku - are below:

  • Tuesday, 2nd July - PlayStation Network (North America)
  • Wednesday, 3rd July - PC/Mac (Steam, Telltale Games Store)
  • Friday, 5th July - Xbox Live (Worldwide)
  • Wednesday, 10th July - PlayStation Network (Europe)
  • Thursday, 11th July - iOS (Worldwide)

[Editor's note: We've since checked with Telltale and have been told that the PSN version listed above is PS3-only for both territories, while the Vita version is due in August.]

400 Days will be set between seasons one and two and cover five new characters in short vignettes. Each character's story can be played in any order and they'll all cover roughly the same terrain over the span of 13 months. It's unclear if the cast of this episode will be the same as Season Two, but your decisions in the first season will carry over into 400 Days, and your decisions there will continue to affect Season Two.

For more information about 400 Days, I saw Vince's chapter play out at E3 and lived to tell the tale in my 400 Days preview.

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