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The Secret World to follow subs model

But expect an in-game store too.

Promising MMO The Secret World will follow a traditional subscription model, publisher Funcom has announced.

However, the title will also have an in-game store from launch, where, according to the game's community manager, players will be able to purchase "convenience items and character customization items such as clothing".

Funcom stressed that microtransactions will be largely cosmetic and not make characters more powerful..

"As developers we are being very careful in making sure that items purchased through the store does not give players any unfair advantage against those who do not use the in-game store.

"Character power in The Secret World will be determined by how well you play the game, not how much money you are willing to put into it."

Funcom's first new project since Age of Conan is due to launch next April, though beta sign-up starts today. For more on the game, give Eurogamer's The Secret World preview a read.