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Conan Exiles releases Q3 2017 on Xbox One

And will come to PS4 later.

Conan Exiles will launch on Xbox One, via the Preview Program, in Q3 2017 (July-September). A full PC, PS4 and Xbox One release will follow in Q1 2018.

The roadmap was shared in Funcom's 2016 financial report, which looks very rosy thanks to Conan Exiles. It surpassed all expectations, amassing in a month - 480,000 sales - what Funcom expected the game to sell in a year. Conan Exiles only apparently cost $4.5m to make, and has been recouped. A further $5-10m will be invested in the run up to full launch.

The plan for updating Conan Exiles includes regular patches every two weeks, plus "quick win" small features and additions, and larger Game Updates.

Game updates will bring more significant content to the game such as siege weapons like trebuchet, dye systems, or mounts.

The plan is to release four-to-six Game Updates during Early Access; two-to-three in the first half of this year, and two-to-three in the second half of 2017. There will be one Game Update in Q1 2018.

An additional Conan Exiles biome - a new environment with different terrain, monsters, equipment and avatars - will launch around the same time as the Xbox One version in Q3 2017.

Elsewhere at Funcom, The Secret World, the storytelling MMO, will be re-launched during the first half of this year. The idea is to, gulp, broaden the game's appeal, with a new player experience, "major" improvements to gameplay and combat, and keep-you-coming-back features like daily rewards. There will be "adjustments" to the business model, too, allowing story content to be played for free.

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Conan Exiles launched at the very end of January on Steam Early Access, and has been going gangbusters ever since, which I'm sure has nothing at all to do with full nudity. It's actually a promising game, as I wrote in my Conan Exiles preview, with a lot to aim for once you've gotten over the initial survival phase. But it needs work. Thankfully mod support was added to Conan Exiles last Friday, and the first batch of rather rude alterations are cropping up.