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Out come the scissors and oil for Conan Exiles' first mods

No beating around the bush.

The inevitable naughty mods for already-pretty-naughty survival game Conan Exiles have appeared after only a weekend of mod support.

What could people want to change in a game that already allows full nudity with size-adjustable willies and breasts?

Why boob bounce of course, especially during those meddlesome sandstorms, hence the Breast Physics mod. "Increased the amount of bounce in the boob physics," the description reads. "Wind also has a minimal effect on their movement in sandstorms."

Apparently people also want to see oiled bodies (male as well), tattoos, and apparently aren't as keen on a lady garden as Funcom is. "Also trimmed the bush at the front instead of the full cavewoman or full shaved," reads the description for the tattooed female lower back mod.

There are no videos of the Breast Phsyics mod. But look! Conan Exiles has jiggly man boobs too.

Besides the pervy stuff there are some useful-looking Conan Exiles additions, such as map coordinates and map markers, and inventory weight expanders for holding more resources.

There are several player-level increasers, mods that tweak boss hit-points down in single-player, and durability boosts for shields at long last praise Crom!

Another popular mod is one that allows you re-customise aspects of how your avatar looks.

And, naturally, there are new weapons, Conan's Sword among them.

The Conan Exiles dev kit allows much grander creations than these mods to be made, and in the weeks and months to come we will begin to see them. There's a Funcom dev blog on Conan Exiles modding that has much more information.

I played and previewed Conan Exiles at the start of the month. Providing you survive its bad introduction, it shows real potential.

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