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The Secret World to be revealed at GDC

Funcom finally lifting lid on next MMO.

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Funcom has announced that it will be revealing the first concrete details on its next MMO, The Secret World, at GDC this month.

Director Ragnar Tornquist - creator of respected adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall - will be meeting the press in San Francisco to "share his vision" of the game. Little is known about it at present, other than its setting, which is said to combine present-day locations with dark fantasy and ancient conspiracies.

Tornqusit recently revealed on his blog that the game's design was undergoing "big changes", and that it would not be "a WOW clone". (Our report on this led to Tornquist calling Eurogamer "the Eye of Sauron", but we won't hold it against him.)

All eyes will be on The Secret World after Funcom's Age of Conan stumbled at launch last year. We'll be at GDC, so check back in a couple of weeks for the first info.

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