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The Pokémon Center has an eye-catching exclusive Charizard promo card

Special delivery.

Pokémon's wallet-busting online store is offering an exclusive Charizard trading card that has gotten fans rather excited.

Special Delivery Charizard is an eye-catching take on everyone's favourite Starter evolution - which imagines him as a postman.

The card is strongly reminiscent of the famous Dragonite promo card given out many, many years ago to celebrate the Pokémon franchise's first movie launching in cinemas.

The Pokémon TCG's Sword and Shield - Astral Radiance set.

It featured an ability named Special Delivery, which seems to have inspired Charizard's title here.

Getting your hands on this card requires a couple of steps, however. First, you'll need to sign up via The Pokémon Center and await the arrival of a redemption code in the weeks to come. After that, you'll need to enter that code when purchasing items from The Pokémon Center worth at least $20 (or regional equivalent).

Yep, it doesn't come cheap - and entry is limited to fans in the UK, US and Canada.

Oh, and before you get any ideas, the card is designed to be claimed once per person. It'll be interesting to see the eBay listing for these down the line.

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