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The Last Guardian release date revealed?

UK shops agree on October date.

A number of UK shops have gone live with a Friday 7th October release date for hotly anticipated PlayStation 3 exclusive The Last Guardian.

Tesco, ASDA, The Hut, Zavvi and Woolworths all say the Team ICO-developed title will release on 7th October.

GAME, Play, Amazon and HMV are yet to suggest a release date, however.

While shop release dates are often placeholder, and a number of the websites listed above fall under The Hut Group's control, Sony will hold a PlayStation Meeting event this Thursday in Japan. Could the shops have jumped the gun on an announcement?

Last September Sony pegged The Last Guardian for a "late 2011" launch.

It has been in development for centuries, but Team ICO mastermind Fumito Ueda insisted things were hotting up when Eurogamer chatted to him at the Tokyo Game Show.

"It's the end of the trial and error phase of production and it's time for to go into full production - crunch mode," Ueda said.

Sony told Eurogamer this afternoon that it is yet to announce a The Last Guardian release date. Eurogamer has also contacted The Hut Group for comment.