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The Last Express: Gold Edition docks on Steam

Now you're on the trolley!

Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner's innovative 1993 noir adventure The Last Express has arrived on Steam.

Currently on sale for £3.74 (of its normal £4.99), this Gold Edition features an advanced hint system, an improved UI and inventory, achievements, cloud saving, and unlockable in-game bios for its expansive cast of over 30 characters.

Set in 1914, The Last Express follows American doctor Robert Cath as he evades french police on the Orient Express. After receiving and urgent message from a friend in Constantinople, Cath boards the legendary train only to find himself in a tale of conspiracies, betrayal, romance, and fashionable gents.

Perhaps The Last Express' most distinguishing characteristic (besides its grounded, historical setting), is that it incorporates a time mechanic in which the various characters go about their affairs in real-time and you'll have to catch your leads in the right place at the right time to dig deeper into its espionage-filled mysteries.

The Last Express has also gained a bit of notoriety for the fact that Robocop and Total Recall director Paul Verhoeven has expressed interest in developing a film based on the game. There's no telling when - or indeed if - the movie will see the light of day, but given Verhoeven's work on the excessive, lavish Word War 2 spy thriller Blackbook, one can only hope he gets a chance to realise this dream project.

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