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The inevitable Destiny loot cave simulator

Better than Hollow.

Bungie has killed Destiny's magical loot farming cave, but it lives on - sort of.

Stare too long at the cave and the cave stares back.

The Interactive Cave Shooting Simulator, from developer Daniel Rosas, lets you shoot into a cave forever and ever (thanks, Kotaku).

Green, blue and, occasionally, purple blobs pop out, reflecting the engrams Destiny players spent hours farming. There's even a levelling system.

Eurogamer's Christian Donlan has just spent the past half hour click, click, clicking to shoot into the cave in a failed attempt to go from level four to five. "The levelling curve is really off," he reports.

The thing is, you're fixed in position, so you can't run over to the cave to collect all your loot. Frustrating!

The Interactive Cave Shooting Simulator was built using the Unity game engine and, unlike Destiny, is playable on your PC.