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The Eurogamer TV Show - Episode 14

E3 Week: EA Special.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

You may have noticed a rather large game show just getting under way in Santa Monica at the moment. It gives publishers a chance to show off their goods to hungry and salivating press packs lurking on every new-look corner. Each company will be under close inspection in the coming days, but none more so then Goliath of the games industry, Electronic Arts.

So in an effort to avoid the stampede of journalists at the event proper, Eurogamer TV went behind closed doors with the publisher in a pre-E3 presentation of the biggest and best on its release schedule. The result is Episode 14, now showing on EGTV.

Crammed into this bite-sized but juicy sandwich is a look at the new Simpsons game, co-operative action title Army of Two, the new SimCity Societies, Valve's Orange Box of goodies and karaoke game Boogie. We also got a chance to chat to deputy editor Matt Martin, who is always full up to the rap-headband with useful information, as well as capture Peter Moore playing bass guitar in this morning's presentation of Rock Band at the Microsoft E3 conference.

You'd be mad to miss it, we think. So head over to Eurogamer TV and watch Episode 14 with your very own eyes.

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