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The Crew 2's free hovercraft-themed Gator Rush update gets a September release date

Plus a new gameplay trailer.

Ubisoft has shared a new gameplay trailer showcasing The Crew 2's forthcoming Gator Rush mode, which is now confirmed to arrive on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in a free update on September 26th.

The vast majority of Gator Rush's additions are themed around the hovercraft, a brand-new racing discipline for The Crew 2. According to Ubisoft's announcement blog, hovercrafting "has taken over the entire US, transforming some of the most iconic places into dedicated competition spots, from the lush and muggy Bayous to the crystal-clear waters of the Western lakes". You can see some of the new hovercraft action in the trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Crew 2 : Gator Rush Reveal | Gameplay Trailer

Gator Rush also introduces a total of five new vehicles to The Crew 2. Three hovercraft - the Bumblebeex, Double L-EEX, and Speedster - will be available to purchase using in-game credits on launch day. An additional hovercraft, the XK Armored, and the new Ariel Nomad Rally Raid off-road car also arrive on September 26th, but will initially only be available to season pass holders. That exclusivity only lasts seven days, however, and all players can access both vehicles from October 3rd.

Alongside hovercrafting, Gator Rush adds over 20 new activities to the map - including new Hypercar, Touring Car, and Jetsprint events - as well as the new Ace difficulty mode and the Legendary part rarity. Ace difficulty brings tougher variants of all 130+ existing challenges (although you'll first need to complete an event in Normal and Hard mode to access them), while the new Legendary loot parts award better performance and exclusive affix bonuses.

Gator Rush is the first free update planned for The Crew 2's Year 1 season, with a new update expected roughly every three months. Previously, Ubisoft revealed that a new PvP mode will arrive as part of the game's second major free update in December.