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The Conduit developer resurfaces with goth endless runner

It's named Le Vamp.

High Voltage Software, the developer of cult Wii shooter The Conduit, is today releasing a new game.

It's called Le Vamp, and is a goth-themed endless runner for iOS.

High Voltage has mixed smaller independent projects with larger contract work ever since 2011 Wii sequel The Conduit 2 flopped.

Despite one of the most bonkers ending cliffhangers in video game history, there are currently no plans for a third Conduit game. The first is being ported to Tegra-powered mobile devices (Android/Google Play), though.

High Voltage has since worked on the fairly-awful Captain America: Super Soldier game, contributed to Kinect Star Wars and helped Konami with Zone of the Enders HD Collection.

The studio's work will next be seen on screen in Saints Row 4 - High Voltage is known to have helped Volition on its open-world adventure.

Footage of Runaway Vampire Child Chased by Angry Mob lies below.

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