The Conduit 2


Conduit 2 dev in review furore

Staff encouraged to review reviewer's book.

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Wii shooter sequel's opening section.

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Amazon! Bermuda! Siberia! Oxford.

What HVS wants from the Nintendo Wii 2

"Multi-core would be great." Wii visuals "haggard".

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How does 4 player split-screen look?

1 million sales benchmark "preposterous"

An industry "misnomer" Conduit 2 dev says.

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High Voltage amping up for April.

Conduit dev making Kinect game for 2K

Announcement at GDC. Out this year.

Conduit 3DS in development

"It runs pretty darn well with full 3D."

Conduit 2 delay brings new screens

Keep your appetite whetted 'til April.

Conduit 2 release date delayed again

Wii-exclusive shooter pushed back.

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Gets UK release on 18th March.

High Voltage compares The Conduit to GTA

"Nobody knows anything about GTA 1, 2."

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High Voltage on finding an audience for a Wii FPS.

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Picks up from first's cliffhanger.

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Release window narrowed to Feb 2011.

SEGA narrows down The Conduit 2 release

Delayed to incorporate "fan feedback".

Conduit 2 delayed until 2011

Plus: new control systems promised.

High Voltage lays off staff

Conduit developer scales back.

The Conduit 2 gets MotionPlus support

Optional precision controls for Wii FPS.

Conduit 2 will do "whatever it takes"

First was over-ambitious, says developer.

The Conduit 2 heads for autumn

SEGA makes Wii sequel official.

The Conduit 2 revealed

Includes four-player co-op mode.