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The Conduit 2 revealed

Includes four-player co-op mode.

High Voltage is hard at work on The Conduit 2 for Wii, according to the latest issue of official US magazine Nintendo Power, and SEGA will once again be publishing.

The preview, detailed on NeoGAF, reveals that the first-person shooter sequel takes place in Atlantis and promises new weapons and huge boss fights for its campaign.

Online players will also be able to upgrade their suit - the current plan is for one primary upgrade slot and two secondaries - with things like robotic legs for speedier movement. There will also be different character classes to choose from.

Speaking of online, the mag said that the original game's Bounty Hunter mode would return, alongside a new four-player co-operative outing called Invasion, which works in both split-screen and online and pitches teams against specific challenges.

The original Conduit was a technical marvel on the Wii with an impressive engine and a large number of configurable control options, which endeared it to hardcore Wii gamers often forced to make do with dodgy FPS ports and awkward control schemes.

Unfortunately the content itself was a bit mediocre, leading to the game scoring 5/10 in its Eurogamer review.

SEGA told Eurogamer it had no comment to make on the Nintendo Power piece.