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The Conduit dated for Europe

Ambitious Wii shooter will just make June.

SEGA has told Eurogamer that The Conduit will be released here on 26th June.

This further confirms the delay from "spring 2009" that was reported yesterday.

The hold-up, developer High Voltage told Joystiq, is down to the implementation of WiiSpeak voice chat and the testing and approval process linked to it.

The Conduit - a Wii-exclusive FPS - has gathered a significant following. This began when High Voltage said most Wii games "look like crap" and promised to prove the console could handle first-person shooters with feature-sets familiar to Xbox 360 and PS3.

That means online multiplayer, although this was trimmed recently from 16 players down to 12 players. But there will still be a variety of interesting modes to make use of.

High Voltage's bragging continues into graphics and performance, the evidence of which can be viewed over on The Conduit gamepage, where videos and screenshots lurk.