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The Conduit slips to summer

Online multiplayer downsized, detailed.

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SEGA has pushed ambitious Wii first-person shooter The Conduit back from spring to summer.

Developer High Voltage has also cut the number of players battling online from 16 to 12, according to Nintendo Everything. This was done to boost performance and balance the levels.

Word arrives amid a flurry of multiplayer details for the game. There will be Free For All Deathmatch for solo players and teams (kill and time limited), Last Man Standing and Capture the Flag.

We're also promised more unconventional modes: Three Strikes, which is three lives and out; Bounty Hunter, to pick-off specific targets; ASE Football, a game of tag where the player who can hold ASE the longest wins; and another mode where the team that steals the ASE the most within a time limit wins.

WiiSpeak support is confirmed for The Conduit, and will cleverly filter out all but the six closest people while the fight rages.

Nintendo is backing The Conduit as a Wii game that will appease the core audience this year. Developer High Voltage has also made bold claims in the past, and believes The Conduit will break the casual stereotype of the console and establish first-person shooters on it.

Head over to The Conduit gamepage to find out more.

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