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The brilliant Kerbal Space Program console release date

UPDATE: Out on Xbox One this week but not PS4 in Europe.

UPDATE 4.30PM BST: Kerbal Space Program will not be released on PS4 in Europe this week - only in the US. That's what Nestor Gomez, producer, told me this afternoon.

"KSP will not be available this week in Europe," he said. "We still don't have a date we can confirm but we are doing everything in our hands to have it ready as soon as possible."

The good news, however, is that we have an Xbox One release date for both America and Europe and it's this Friday, 15th July.

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ORIGINAL STORY 10AM BST: In our PC review we called Kerbal Space Program "an essential sandbox for anyone with an interest in space, rocketry, or explosions" and awarded it top honours. And this week it's being released on PlayStation 4. Hooray!

The US PlayStation Blog said Kerbal Space Program launches tomorrow, 12th July on PS4. That usually translates to Wednesday (13th July) on the European PlayStation Store.

Kerbal Space Program is also coming to Xbox One and, it looks like, Wii U, but specific dates for either console haven't been shared. It may well be released on all platforms this week.

The most notable change to Kerbal Space Program on console will be native controller support. It's a game with a lot of menus for building spaceships from a lot of different parts - as well as flying those creations - and apparently the controls are redesigned to handle that.