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Borderlands 2 DLC that sets stage for Borderlands 3 leaks yet again

UPDATE: DLC confirmed, available for free download for a limited time.

UPDATE 10/06/2019: Quelle surprise, the leaked Borderlands 2 DLC has been officially confirmed by 2K, and is currently available for free download (if you're quick). Check out our new story for further details and a look at the trailer.

ORIGINAL STORY 06/06/2019: Whoops, looks like someone hit the publish button a little too early. Thanks to a premature Steam page posting, we've finally had the heavily-rumoured Borderlands 2 DLC confirmed, and it sounds like the perfect prep for Borderlands 3.

The posting for Commander Lilith & The Fight For Sanctuary briefly appeared on Steam last night - but as the page was pulled shortly afterwards, I think we can conclude it wasn't supposed to be there. As the internet never misses a thing, images of the DLC and its description soon appeared on Reddit. Importantly, the DLC looks like it will be free, and those who spotted it on ResetEra report there's a release date of 9th June - which just so happens to be the same day as Xbox's E3 conference.

According to the posting, the DLC will provide a brand new adventure involving some familiar faces. With Sanctuary under siege, the Vault map stolen and a toxic gas cloud poisoning Pandora, players will need to do their shooty-looty thing to join up with Lilith and the Crimson Raiders to take on "a deranged villain hell-bent on ruling the planet". The original source of the leak (via PlayStation LifeStyle) claimed this DLC will help explain what happens in the seven years between the end of Borderlands 2 and the start of Borderlands 3.

This also means plenty of new bosses, new loot, and an "entirely new [rarity] tier beyond Legendary" - something that sounds like it could carry over into Borderlands 3. A modder has already discovered something called rainbow rarity in Borderlands 2's latest patch files, so it could look something like the OP bady boy below. Good for Pride Month, eh?

Something also of note in the DLC is a level cap increase to 80, and an automatic boost to level 30 for newcomers.

I imagine sirens are going off at Gearbox right now.

When this does come out, it could be the last time we'll be able to play new Borderlands content on Steam for the foreseeable future. As Borderlands 3 is an Epic Games Store exclusive, we'll have to hop over there to continue the adventure. Although, thanks to the chaos of the Epic Mega Sale in which 2K pulled Borderlands 3, you still can't pre-order it.