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The bizarre bugs of FIFA 19

He got a hand to it.

Now FIFA 19 has been out for a few weeks, bizarre bugs are starting to emerge.

EA Sports' football video game series has a history of hilarious, odd and even nightmarish bugs, with some true crackers going viral over the years.

An average game contains hundreds of physics-based collisions, some involving a fair few of the virtual footballers, so it's easy to see why, on occasion, things go a bit pear-shaped.

But there are also bugs where the game just doesn't work properly, or gets confused and even does things you didn't think were possible.

The tweet below, from Bleacher Report's Nick Akerman, shows a goalkeeper spectacularly failing to respond to a penalty kick hit straight at him. Hilariously, the ball hits the keeper's nether regions on its way into the net, which triggers the commentary line "he got a hand to it". I'm pretty sure that's not his hand he used there...

One player had to take a corner kick during a penalty shootout. The player's penalty was saved, and the ball went behind the goal line. The game decided to award a corner kick, which the player then took and scored from. Then, the penalty shootout carried on as if what had gone before was perfectly normal. Bizarre!

During the penalty shootout, I was given a corner and scored... from r/FIFA

It seems the goalkeepers in FIFA 19 are having some problems. Here, Arsenal stopper Petr Cech (he of negotiations helmet fame) seems confused by the ball at his feet and knocks it into an empty net.

This is one of the worst things I've ever seen in FIFA. from r/FIFA

I've seen more than a few reports of goalkeepers having trouble dealing with bouncing balls at their feet in FIFA 19. Perhaps this is something EA Sports can look at in a future patch.

And, finally, here's something truly bizarre - after a goal is scored in a Division Rivals match in FIFA Ultimate Team, the camera doesn't shift back to the normal perspective. Instead, it sticks, fixated, on England and Manchester United starlet Jesse Lingard as the game continues. The player, seemingly bemused by what's going on, concedes a goal to their opponent, who presumably didn't suffer the same graphical glitch.

E-Sports ready from r/FIFA

As I mentioned, FIFA is no stranger to the odd glitch here and there. But it can be particularly frustrating when you suffer an issue in an important online match, particularly if the ultra hardcore Weekend League is involved. Still, they're good for a laugh, aren't they?

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