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FIFA 19 gets its first title update

And EA has patched out Petr Cech's negotiations helmet. Boo!

EA Sports has issued FIFA 19's first title update - and it patches out Petr Cech's meme-worthy negotiations helmet.

The Arsenal goalkeeper had tweeted to joke about the fact that in FIFA 19's career mode, he wears his protective helmet. It looks quite silly.

The patch, which is live now for the PC version of FIFA 19 and out soon for the console versions, ditches the helmet and gives Cech a tie. Here's the patch note:

  • Petr Cech was wearing his helmet during negotiation scenes, we have now found him a tie instead.

And here's how Cech now looks during negotiations in career mode (image credit r/FIFA):

If only EA had given Cech a tie and kept his helmet on.

Elsewhere, the title update does not make sweeping changes to FIFA 19's gameplay, something the developers acknowledged. The developers want to give the game a chance to settle down (it's only a couple of weeks old) and players a chance to get to grips with it.

"Due to community feedback, we are planning on limiting changes to gameplay and only making targeted fixes in an effort to keep the balance and feel of the game consistent while we continue to gather feedback from players," EA Sports said.

However, the update does make a couple of crucial bug fixes. Have you noticed how your players will often do an awkward, weak side foot shot when you expect a laces shot? That was a bug, and it's now been fixed:

Sometimes, when the player requests a regular (laces) shot, they will get an inside of the foot shot animation instead.

And you might have noticed the wrong portion of the Champions League anthem plays during player lineups at the start of a champions League match. That's been fixed, too.

All in all, a conservative offering from EA for FIFA 19's first big patch. I understand where the developer is coming from here - it doesn't want to make any knee-jerk changes too soon into the game's life, especially after negative feedback to patches to FIFA 18. I expect more meaningful changes - perhaps to the prevalence of overhead kicks - will come with the next title update.

The patch notes in full are on the EA Sports website.

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