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The biggest Star Wars Battlefront 2 killstreaks from the beta weekend

Is Darth Maul better than Rey?

Who has been the most effective Hero or Villain during the open beta weekend for Star Wars Battlefront 2? Of the Force users it appears to be Mr children's party facepaint himself, Darth Maul.

His spinning attack (right bumper or equivalent on PC) helps him quickly close the gap to melee distance with enemies, which is proving awfully useful while romping around the Naboo palace grounds in the city of Theed. His Force choke-and-throw also gives him a way to deal with a pack of enemies, lifting all three or four of them into the air and then flinging them down where he can slice them into bite-size chunks.

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Rey, by comparison, isn't quite as effective but she's no slouch either. She can block by holding the left trigger (or equivalent on PC), which Maul can't, and she can also charge forwards with her Dash Strike. Her Insight ability that reveals enemies isn't as clear as it once was, in alpha, but it can be useful nonetheless.

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The other option for the goodies on Theed is Han Solo who, like Boba Fett - the other option for the baddies - was in Star Wars Battlefront 1. They're both great at range but you'll need a sharp eye and aim - typically they'll be easier to score big with on PC, whereas swishing Lightsabers is easier on console.

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However, if you can manage a jetpack while aiming from the air, on console, you can absolutely clear up. People don't look up, you see.

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In Starfighter Assault, the spaceship combat mode, I've had most success with the bomber-class ships. Their sturdiness and multi-lock missile ability seem to more than compensate for a lack of manoeuvrability.

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How are you getting on, and are you enjoying yourself? Do you have a favourite soldier class? I'm finding it hard to top the Heavy, because the shield is great, although the Specialist's Infiltration Replenish Star Card, which reveals enemies and draws a medium range weapon, is great for flanking.

The Star Wars Battlefront 2 beta ends tomorrow, Monday 9th October, at 4pm UTC. The full game launches 17th November.