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The Amazing Spider-Man will release six weeks late on PC

Rhino how this will go down.

Amazing or not, Activision's new Spider-Man game will arrive weeks late on PC.

Whereas Amazing Spider-Man launches this Friday on PS3 and 360 (and 3DS/DS and Wii), determined desktoppers will have to wait until 10th August for the Steam release.

The date swings in courtesy of the Amazing Spider-Man website. We're also told that Steam Achievements, like spiders in your slippers, will be waiting for us.

The Amazing Spider-Man.

No explanation was given for the Amazing Spider-Man hold-up on PC.

Amazing Spider-Man's got people comparing it with Rocksteady's tremendous Batman: Arkham City. It's a flattering comparison, but one that's not without merit. Christian Donlan previewed Amazing Spider-Man for Eurogamer in March.

"Two games in, and the developer's understanding of the Marvel universe is no longer in doubt. Two games in and open-world fans are finally getting the game they've been asking for," he wrote.

The Amazing Spider-Man film hits cinemas next week.

But forget all of that - below is what could be the first Spider-Man film ever. Special effects have hardly changed.

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