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See Spider-Man dev's Xbox platformer canned for being "terrible"

Footage of Beenox's binned Fist Firehead.

How bad must a game be to get refused release on Xbox?

Canadian developer Beenox is perhaps best known for its Spider-Man games: Edge of Time, Shattered Dimensions, and upcoming film tie-in Amazing Spider-Man.

But before this Beenox worked on Fist Firehead, a 3D platforming shooter set to be an exclusive for the original Xbox.

In Microsoft's eyes, Fist Firehead was a game so bad it didn't want it released on the original Xbox. And when Microsoft quit, publisher Majesco did too, effectively condemning Fist Firehead to an early death.

"It was flat out rejected by Microsoft as an Xbox release candidate on grounds of it being irredeemably terrible, something Microsoft almost never does," wrote YouTube poster darkfalz, who leaked footage of the game online. "Beenox has pretty much disowned the project."

Alpha footage of the game from a 2003 build, spotted by internet sleuth Superannuation, lies below.

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