Spider-Man: Edge of Time

Activision OnLive slur sparks fan anger

UPDATE: Offending site not officially affiliated.

UPDATE: It seems the Facebook page in question may not be directly affiliated with Activision. Eurogamer just received the following statement from the publisher:

Spider-Man: Edge of Time

Sling when you're winning.

Much like Disneyland's Enchanted Tiki Room or the sudden death of a minor enemy, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions was an unexpected small-scale delight. It may not have been the openworld swing-'em-up a lot of fans are still waiting for, but its loadout of four different well, kind of different webslingers, coupled with a really excellent pun-riddled script and some decent brawling, made for one of the licence's better outings.

Spider-Man: Edge of Time announced

Spider-Man: Edge of Time announced

Shattered Dimensions dev back on board.

Shattered Dimensions developer Beenox has announced Spider-Man: Edge of Time, its second swing at the Marvel superhero franchise.

Due out in the Autumn for unconfirmed platforms, Edge of Time sees you taking control of both the classic Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099. In a story by Marvel veteran Peter David, it seems that in one version of the future Peter Parker has got himself killed, so you'll need straddle time and space to put things rights.

A new "cause-and-effect" mechanic will let you see how your immediate actions as one version of Spider-Man impacts the timeline of the other.

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