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Is PEGI too tough?

The ratings game.

Later this year PEGI will become the legally enforceable ratings body for games in the UK, completely replacing the BBFC. Wherever creative content is legislated in this way, friction is inevitable. And almost always, controversy arises because a rating is seen to be making it too easy for inappropriate material to reach the jam-stained fingers of our innocent children.

Beenox gets keys to Spider-Man franchise

Acti: studio has "reinvigorated" series.

Activision has handed Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions developer Beenox the reins to Marvel's franchise, confirming it will be working on further games starring the crime-fighting web-slinger.

Spider-Man: SD gets first DLC pack

New content available now.

The first batch of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions DLC has just gone live, allowing players to pick up a new Cosmic Spidey costume pack.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Despite its multiverse-spanning conceit, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions lacks the one thing you might be expecting from it: genuine variety. While Beenox has trawled the back-room long boxes of its local comics shop to gather four different takes on Marvel's chirpy webslinger, the entwined campaigns, with one notable exception, tend to play very similarly.

What balances the package out is that they all play pretty well. This isn't the Arkham Asylum of Spider-Man capers, then it isn't that special game that, out of nowhere, suddenly creates the perfect interactive expression of a classic superhero but it's a thoughtful and inventive use of the license all the same. Spidey's videogame outings have been on a downswing since the days of Spider-Man 2, and while it's hard to shake the feeling that the character works better in an open world than in a linear, story-based affair, this is still the best of his adventures for some time.

The plot has a pleasant silver-age thinness to it. Spidey has accidentally shattered an ancient tablet that binds various dimensions together. Now, with the help of three other-world versions of himself, he must gather the fragments back together before, you know, something terrible happens.

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So then, who's your favourite chemist? I know, tough choice. Mine's definitely Linus Pauling: one of the fathers of molecular biology, a Nobel prize winner and the man who said, "If you want a great idea, get a lot of ideas." (He's also the patron saint of specious opening paragraphs, as it turns out.)

A lot of people must hate Rocksteady right now - a lot of superhero game developers must, anyway. Unshackled by a movie tie-in and free to focus on a single location along with a bespoke, carefully selected cast, Batman: Arkham Asylum changed a sizable audience's idea of what a comic book game could be.

Activision details next Spider-Man

Activision details next Spider-Man

Shattered Dimensions due in September.

Activision has used a press release to reveal the first details of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, the web-slinger's next game, due for release in September this year. It's being developer by Quebec City studio Beenox.

As the title suggests, Shattered Dimensions will take players to four different Spider-Man universes from the complex continuity of Marvel comics. The first two of these to be revealed are The Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man Noir.

You'll play as a different version of the wall-crawler in each universe, with gameplay changing to suit. The Amazing Spider-Man will present the hero in the classic form created by Steve Ditko, with the focus on "innovative web combat".

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