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Activision OnLive slur sparks fan anger

UPDATE: Offending site not officially affiliated.

UPDATE: It seems the Facebook page in question may not be directly affiliated with Activision. Eurogamer just received the following statement from the publisher:

"Activision's official source of news for our Marvel games is or Anything posted elsewhere should not be taken as representative of Activision unless confirmed by Activision."

ORIGINAL STORY: Activision has sparked OnLive fan outrage after the person responsible for the Spider-Man: Edge of Time Facebook page insulted the cloud gaming service.

Eurogamer has received a number of emails from angry fans complaining at comments made in the name of Spider-Man: Edge of Time on the game's Facebook page.

"We do not consider OnLive a platform for our game to appear on," reads one post, now deleted but recorded by gamers.

"We would rather focus on mainstream consoles and legitimate gamers. Thank you."

Then, in response to a user comment that read, "OnLive dominating. Lmao. Best joke so far", this comment, again from the official Spider-Man: Edge of Time Facebook account: "We were rather tickled ourselves."

Now, OnLive enthusiast websites are packed with comments made by gamers upset by the PR gaffe.

Eurogamer has contacted Activision and OnLive for comment.