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The Amazing Spider-Man swings onto Vita later this year

You're late, man. Always late.

Beenox's open-world superhero affair The Amazing Spider-Man is coming to Vita later this year, only a year and a half late.

Where does he keep his phone, dare I ask?

Developer Mercenary Technology will be handling the Vita port of the PS3 and Xbox 360 release from last July. As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, this handheld version will have a few unique touchscreen features.

For one, the Web Rush mechanic - in which you slow down time to select grapple points - will be available via touch screen if that's your bag. Additionally, Spidey's phone will be controlled like an actual smart phone, so you'll be able to drag maps, set waypoints, and pinch to zoom in as you would a real map app. You'll also be able to snap in-game photos by using the platform's gyroscopic controls. All things considered these sound like pretty minor additions - and who knows how much spectacle it'll lose on a handheld - but the phone implementation does sound pretty clever, if not wholly necessary.

The Amazing Spider-Man received lukewarm reviews upon its console release last summer. Our Dan Whitehead found it laid the blueprint for a great Spider-Man game, but it felt unfinished. "If Beenox had been allowed the time to build on that foundation - to add more life and colour to Spidey's world, to construct more compelling reasons to explore and develop your abilities - then it could have earned the adjective of its title," he said in his The Amazing Spider-Man review, where he noted that it had more in common with the first Assassin's Creed than the Arkham games it so wanted to be.