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TGS: Dynasty Warriors dev salutes DualShock 3

Plus, DW6 details.

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Dynasty Warriors 6 developer Takashi Morinaka today joined the chorus of developers welcoming the introduction of rumble to PS3.

"I prefer rumble [to tilt]," he told Eurogamer when we asked for his reaction to the announcement of DualShock 3.

Morinaka, KOEI's software department manager, was demoing the PS3 version of Dynasty Warriors 6. In addition to a new, next-generation graphics engine, DW6 adds to its predecessors by introducing stronger AI for individual units and collectively.

Players will be able to drive forward into enemy strongholds by a variety of paths, but will be met with more distinctive enemy forces rather than a sea of like-minded adversaries.

What's more, while enemies will lose morale if you surprise them from behind once, they may soon adapt to expect that approach if you fall into an easily read pattern.

Going back to DualShock 3, Morinaka also expressed surprise that Sony had chosen to begin with the Sixaxis concept rather than opting for rumble from day one. "I guess there is some reason Sony did it this way around, but I don't know what it is," he confessed.

Of course, speculation has it that it was all down to Sony's combative attitude to Immersion, the company that owns the "haptic" (rumble) technology.

The new, rumble-enabled DualShock 3 PS3 controller is due to launch in Japan this November and in the US and Europe in spring.

Dynasty Warriors 6, meanwhile, is expected in early 2008, with a 360 version also in development. Needless to say, that one has rumble too.

Morinaka also went on to express interest in working with PlayStation Network and Xbox Live in future for Dynasty Warriors, although for now players will have to make do with online leaderboards for Challenge mode.

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