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Tetris 3DS European release date

Out on these shores next month.

Tetris on the 3DS launches in Europe on 21st October, Nintendo has announced.

On these shores the game is simply called Tetris - in the US it's called Tetris: Axis.

Tetris on 3DS - the first 3D Tetris game - features 20 game modes, including Marathon, non-stop battles in Computer Battle mode, race against the clock in Fever mode (via SpotPass you can download new items for Fever mode), and Survival mode.

It also includes augmented reality modes with the use of AR Cards. Then there are Party modes, including Fit, Bombliss Plus, Capture and Jigsaw. Phew! That's a lot of modes.

Wait, there are more! Multiplayer includes five local modes and three Download Play modes, designed for up to eight people to play at one time. The Download Play multiplayer game modes only require a single Game Card.

You can also go online with the World Battle and Friend Battle game modes.