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Terra Nil's first major update Vita Nova is available now

Green day.

Terra Nil: Vita Nova update key art showing a deer, some bears and a jaguar on a lush green hill. Below the hill lies a more barren area, while a large snowy peak rising above in the background
Image credit: Devolver Digital

The Terra Nil team has released its first major update, known as Vita Nova, across PC and Netflix. A Switch version is also on its way.

Today's update for the environmental strategy game is free, and includes a number of new levels, such as Polluted Bay and Scorched Caldera.

The Terra Nil team describe Polluted Bay as a "dead landscape carved in half by a badly polluted river". Scorched Caldera, on the other hand, is a "vast volcanic crater that you must terraform into a life-filled freshwater lake".

Terra Nil Vita Nova trailer. Watch on YouTube

In addition to new levels, Vita Nova has brought improvements to the map, with the developer stating that along with being 3D, it can now be freely rotated.

Meanwhile, the team said the overhauled wildlife system - which it describes as "dramatic" - will allow the transformed landscapes to "feel more alive than ever". This means animals such as the newly introduced jaguar will venture out more naturally, and have "a deeper set of needs to fulfil".

Nine new buildings have also been added to the game thanks to this update. You can check out a trailer for Vita Nova in the video above.

Terra Nil Vita Nova screenshot
Image credit: Devolver

"Even where Terra Nil makes choices I don't always enjoy, I enjoy that it does make these novel, ambitious choices," Ruth Cassidy wrote in Eurogamer's Terra Nil review.

"More than simply the gentle vibes it seems to suggest on the surface, Terra Nil offers engaging puzzles, a thorough commitment to what an environmental city builder could look like, and lingering moments of actual perfection."

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