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Tekken 5: DR Online tomorrow

GBH encouraged on PSN.

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Sony Europe has said it will sprinkle Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online onto the PlayStation Network tomorrow.

This, you may remember - like falling off a swing - adds an online versus mode, online rankings, a practice mode and a survival mode.

It will cost you GBP 14.99 if you buy it all in one, but if you listen to our Dickensian (as in David, not Charles) advice you could make a saving.

Buy the original Dark Resurrection PSN title for GBP 6.99 and add the Online Component for GBP 3.49 and you keep four-and-a-half quid to spend on an expensive pint of Belgian beer or flowers if you are Pat.

To enjoy this amazing bargain, however, you will need to buy the original Dark Resurrection game right now as in today, because come tomorrow it will be gone.

Why would you want it at all? Well, it is quite good, as Richard Leabetter will tell you in our review.

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