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Team Dignitas finds its StarCraft II pro

BlinG "cool and calm under pressure".

UK professional gaming group Team Dignitas has found its final StarCraft II player.

Samayan 'BlinG' Kay, who took part in a competition at HMV Gamerbase in London, secured a full-time one-year contract with Team Dignitas, £750 and an Alienware M17x laptop.

TD launched a competition earlier this month to find a player for its StarCraft II team. Samayan will "travel the world", pit himself "against the biggest players, and be mentored by a highly experienced team".

"We made the decision to select Samayan based on who we thought has the most potential overall, rather than just automatically giving the place to the final winner," TD boss Michael O'Dell said.

"He showed that as well as being a talented gamer, he is also cool and calm under pressure and we're sure he will be a great fit for our squad."

Do us proud, boys.