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Team Dignitas seeks StarCraft II player

Are you good enough to go pro?

Professional UK gamer group Team Dignitas is after a new member to play Blizzard's science fiction real-time strategy game StarCraft II.

It's launched a competition to find a "young" StarCraft II player from the UK or Ireland to join the squad. Is that you?

"The gamer we are looking for needs to have several attributes," TD said on its website, "but most importantly they need to have the potential to work with our squad and develop their skills to a world class level."

Win the competition and you'll snag a contract with TD and an Alienware M17x laptop with an Intel i7 2nd Generation processor.

You'll also attend all UK LAN events for StarCraft II in 2011.

"Joining the team will mean world class training partners as team mates, that will help to fast track the development of their skills."

Qualifier Cups have been running throughout March and the top four players from each will be invited to a LAN final at HMV Gamerbase in London on Sunday 27th March. There's £1950 in prize money up for grabs, too.

During the day each finalist will be interviewed and tested so TD can find "the player that best fits our team". Sounds very Apprentice, doesn't it?

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