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Tales of Symphonia will be remastered for modern consoles

The classic returns.

Classic JRPG Tales of Symphonia is getting a re-release on modern consoles.

Tales of Symphonia Remastered will feature HD visual enhancements, gameplay improvements, and new features.

Though revealed at today's Nintendo Direct, it's set for release across PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as Switch in early 2023.

Nintendo Direct 9.13.2022Watch on YouTube

Originally released for the GameCube in 2004 (in the west), it was later ported to the PS2. A Wii sequel followed in 2008 and then in 2013 both games were released in HD on PS3 as Tales of Symphonia Chronicles.

The story follows Lloyd Irving and his pals intent on saving the twin worlds of Sylvarant and Tethe'alla. It features anime cutscenes from renowned artist Kosuke Fujishima.

Pre-orders for the game are live now, with the Chosen Edition additionally including a metal case, stickers and art prints.

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