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Take-Two sues over Duke Nukem fiasco

3D Realms in the dock for failing to deliver.

Take-Two has filed a lawsuit against 3D Realms, the studio behind Duke Nukem Forever.

The game was first announced in 1997 but never appeared. Earlier this month 3D Realms closed its doors having run out of money.

Now Take-Two has filed a complaint for failure to deliver against 3D Realms, referred to as Apogee Ltd. in the legal documents. (They're separate from Apogee LLC, the studio still working on the Duke Nukem Trilogy.)

According to Bloomberg, the complaint says Take-Two paid USD 12 million for the publishing rights to Duke Nukem Forever. That was back in 2000, and a second agreement was made in 2007.

"Apogee continually delayed the completion date for the Duke Nukem Forever," the complaint states. "Apogee repeatedly assured Take-Two and the videogaming community that it was diligently working toward competing development of the PC Version of the Duke Nukem Forever."

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