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Take glorious comicbook snaps in Sable's new photo mode

Plus camera changes to reduce motion sickness.

Photo mode has been added to Sable, so you can delight in its glorious Moebius visuals.

Once enabled in the settings, players can access the mode and snap away. The team at Shedworks also have a photography competition planned, as noted in the latest update blog.

That same blog also details a number of other fixes and additions to the game. Most importantly, changes have been made to the camera to reduce motion sickness when riding vehicles.

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Also included are a number of performance optimisations, reducing micro-stuttering and texture memory usage.

"We have made progress with this update and welcome your feedback on how the game performs for you," reads the blog post. "We know it will be different for everyone, but we hope that most of you will notice a positive difference. Rest assured, we'll keep on tweaking and working on optimisation with future patches."

Antialiasing is now enabled as a default display options, text can be resized, and keys have been rebound to improve usability for international keyboards.

Finally, a number of bug fixes have been implemented, including closing all menus with the Esc button.

"Thank you again for your feedback and support, more is always welcome, and we'll read all the replies here and on the forum."

For more details on the photo mode - including camera settings and lighting - check out the video below from creative director Gregorios Kythreotis.

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