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Switch rhythm game Voez just got another 14 free new songs

And the beat goes on.

Excellent Switch rhythm game Voez just received a brand-new update, this one adding another 14 free songs to its already expansive track roster.

Voez arrived as a launch title on Switch in March last year, and featured an already generous collection of over one hundred songs. Publisher Flyhigh Works has continued to offer superb post-release support since then, expanding the game with regular free updates.

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As of today's 1.4 update, Voez features a whopping 174 genre-spanning Japanese and Korean pop tracks - all incorporating consistently well-designed beat patterns and stellar visualisations. To accompany 1.4's release, Flyhigh Works has offered the above trailer, introducing the game's latest musical additions.

At launch, Voez was notable for being Switch's first touch-screen-only game, despite its hybrid portable and home console design. That all changed in January when, ten months after release, Flyhigh Works added full controller and TV support in another free update.