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Switch's brilliant rhythm game Voez just got another 11 free new songs

Now at 185 tracks and counting!

Developer Rayark's wonderful rhythm game Voez has just received another free update on Switch, adding 11 new songs to its already heaving track list. If you're keeping record, we're now looking at a roster of over 185 songs.

Voez, of course, started life as a mobile game, but made the transition to Switch when Nintendo's hybrid console launched in March last year. While Voez on mobile is free-to-play, Rayark and publisher Flyhigh Works opted to put a £20 price tag on the Switch version. It then squeezed in the game's near-complete 100-track song roster for a single cost, rather than drip-feeding new tracks to be purchased through micro-transactions.

Flyhigh Works made vague promises at launch that Voez's Switch edition would get extra free songs post-release, but I'm not sure that even the most optimistic purchaser was expecting the track list to almost double as the game has continued to expand for over a year and a half. Voez's 11 new songs, incidentally, can all be heard in the Version 1.5 update trailer below.

Voez, by the way, if you've not yet had the pleasure, is one of my very favourite modern-day rhythm games. Following a recent update, Voez now features (so-so) controller support, but its real strengths come as a touch-screen experience. Voez's genre-spanning song roster is ably matched by some beautiful visualisations, which seem to explode beneath your fingertips as you tap and swipe the prompts that appear on-screen. It makes for a wonderfully tactile, thoroughly hypnotic endeavour, even if high-score chasing is your only real goal.

Voez's Version 1.5 update is available as a free download now for all existing owners on Switch. And if you'd like to experience Voez's musical charms for the first time, you can pick it up for £18.99 via Nintendo's eShop, and there's also a physical release knocking around.

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