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Super SFIV unveils Hakan

He's big, red and oily.

Capcom has revealed the last new character coming to Super Street Fighter IV - Hakan.

He's big and red and he oils himself up before and during rounds so that he can slip and slide around with ease, ensuring he gets close enough to use his arsenal of grappling moves.

Those manoeuvres include bear-hugging an opponent until they catapult out of his oily embrace, up into the air and either onto the ground or back into his arms, where he slides them around his waste, rolls with them on the floor and then throws them against a wall. [Extraordinary. - Ed]

Another move has Hakan provide a cushion for a falling foe, before turning them over, spinning around on their backs, squat-crushing them and firing them out backwards between his legs.

IGN has shots and a trailer.

Super Street Fighter IV will be released on 30th April for PS3 and Xbox 360.