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Sunless Sea is getting story DLC with Zubmariner expansion

Everything's better down where it's wetter.

Failbetter's text-heavy exploration RPG Sunless Sea is getting a story-based expansion pack called Zubmariner.

Wrack, the City of Delights.

Set deep within the bowels of the Unterzee, Zubmariner will add all sorts of new locales and threats. One such destination is Wrack, the City of Delights, which Failbetter described on its official blog as "an arbour of shipwrecks, where the flesh of kelp brings intoxication."

There will also be a new monster called a Thalatte, which is "an exposed-looking collection of wattled and shining organs, like a half-completed vivisection, with a fanged orifice at the front." Basically it uses its giant mouth to suck your Zubmarine towards it, though it can also ram you or spit out copious amounts of toxic fluid.

You'll also encounter things like bio-luminescent zee-beasts and glowing coral, as teased in the early screenshots below.

Eurogamer contributor Simon Parkin bestowed Sunless Sea with the rare EG Essential award upon its release back in February. He stated in his Sunless Sea review that it's "representative of a time when this kind of travel was at once essential, burdensome and perilous."

No launch window has been set for Zubmariner.

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