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Fallen London romantic visual novel funded on Kickstarter

Ship this.

Failbetter Games has successfully returned to Kickstarter to fund Mask of the Rose, a new romantic visual novel set in the studio's expansive Fallen London universe.

A detectivey romancey story set just after London's fall, the game features a familiar setting but a new genre for the studio - something which encouraged it back to Kickstarter again to test the waters.

As of writing, the project has more than £97k pledged of its initial £90k target, with 28 days of funding still to go.

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Mask of the Rose will launch for PC, Mac and Linux, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S - though it's worth noting Kickstarter pledges do not offer a way to reserve a console copy.

For those new to Failbetter's universe, Mask of the Rose looks like it will offer a fresh entry point in the franchise. For those who have followed it along the way, it features a new look at a time period not explored previously:

"Mask of the Rose begins in 1862, just months after London was stolen by bats and relocated to the Neath: a vast cavern far below the earth," Failbetter Games explains on the game's project page.

"Down here, the sun doesn't shine, and Parliament has sunk into the Thames. Queen Victoria never emerges from her palace. Cats spy on their owners and whisper their secrets abroad. And it's rapidly becoming clear that London isn't going to be returning to the Surface any time soon..."